Every dev must be aware of the “Open Web Advocacy” 👩‍🎓


The group (OWA), is primarily organized by Stuart Langridge and, Bruce Lawson and is a group of software engineers from all over the world. OWA aims to promote a more open web by explaining subtle technical details to lawmakers and to help them understand anti-competitive aspects of web technology and advocate for the future of the open web.

What’s at Stake?

“The entire future of Application Development is at stake. Without regulatory or legislative change, we risk losing a universal, free and open, write once, deploy anywhere, application distribution and deployment system which will dramatically lower costs for businesses and consumers.” — OWA

Without the changes, funding will shift to proprietary ecosystems and gatekeepers can extract heavy taxes. It will lock in their control and reduce innovation for mobile apps for many years to come.

OWA was formed on Monday 28 February 2022. OWA has identified the #AppleBrowserBan as the number one threat to the future of the open web. Here’s the detailed Regulatory Submission called “Bringing Competitions to Walled Gardens” which is the depth analysis of the current state. It consists of the core details of why #AppleBrowserBan is the first move. OWA doesn’t mean to arise Apple Browsers must be banned but it’s restricted features. A few of them are “Webkit Woes” — every browser running on iPhones and iPads to be based on WebKit. “Full-Screen Video”, “Full-Screen Games”, “Support for PWA’s for every Browser not only Safari”, “Extensions”.

More technical details are explained and are elaborated in “Bringing Competitions to Walled Gardens”. Be a part of OWA — We need you to contact your regulators/legislators/representatives and galvanize support for change in your jurisdiction.

Unlike groups that operate on behalf of major organizations, OWA is unbacked, unfunded, and relies on individuals to contribute their time and expertise. If you believe in the future of the web, you can help make that future a reality.

We — “The Boring School” strongly believes and is a part of Open Web Advocacy. You can also be an advocate and tell your stories to the world of legislators. The primary concern for “The Boring School” is every people must be knowledgeable about the PWA’s and their features which may save a lot of space, network storage, etc.

Web.dev backed by Google has this amazing course on PWA. Might be a bit technical but any non-tech person can learn it easily.



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The Boring School

The Boring School

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