The Back Story of “The Boring School” and “Smart Drug” used behind.

You have great ideas, but no one cares unless you pitch in right time and place. — The Boring School

I “Laxman Rai” aka Lex World, Himitsu Fushigi (Person behind The Boring School, CodewithSudeep, Hash Technologies, Playpoint, and minor Projects) have been using nootropics, simply Smart Drug for more than weeks now under the proper prescription of a psychiatrist. As I’m more active on my personal Instagram I’ve been sharing my experience under Nootropics a few times if you follow me there.

Note: This is just a preview from the author on his experience and does not intend to promote, sell any kinds of drugs, medicines to any readers and is not liable for any sort of issue. 👩‍🎓

First, let me share my story before sharing the experience on Smart Drug so that I can sum it up in a broader way.

My tech journey had been so amazing so far working with bright ideas, people, projects. And it surely was a roller coaster ride I’ve seen the ups, downs, scarcity of resources that a normal startup company, the tech project could face. When I was on a core team of CodewithSudeep, I looked over the development (Tech Stacks, SaaS), business, legalities, and since it was one of my very first effort on a startup, I got to know a small economic investment primarily plays the vital role on success and keep in mind “Burn Rate” also plays the vital role for how long the investment can sustain. I dealt with legal, MBA persona’s mainly. Through where I got to learn so much stuff, guess what it was my one of the best investments of time to learn. 🚀

Then, my second best investment was in Hash Technologies(*Site under updates, construction). Back then I was just curious about growing HYPE i.e. Blockchain Development. I still remember I completed so many crash courses, done piloting projects, and was still curious and not satisfied but later We(Sudeep, Me, and AR) founded this company and started taking blockchain projects. AR was too good on project transition so we got an international DeFi(Decentralized Finance) project but it took so much time to complete because we were first researching, learning then implementing on production. We got a few more projects and we did it. So, from this investment I learned a new skill and mainly I got to learn how to manage the team, a company from the management level also I was a core part of the development team so got hands-on experience as a team leader as well.

I got many offers from many blockchain products as a service company to join them at the time. But I refused as I represent as a modest person.

Finally, The Boring School came as a fun and not so serious project for me but peers really liked the idea behind it so I thought to start a new portfolio as an organization and have been planning a lot and you know our current state. So, as I was working on TBS(The Boring School) and as I stated funding is a must before starting any product, company. TBS and Hash technology on mutual consent agreed to work on a new Project named “Playpoint” where the TBS team and Hash Technology dev team serves as a core dev team for Playpoint.

Being on the top management level on both Hash Technologies I can not decide solely without discussing with top-level persona’s since they’re both different entities.

Last few days I’ve got some sleepless nights because I’m fully wired to this project based on Blockchain, Gaming, Economics. The project was lacking behind the timeline due to some issues but still, it has to be completed as investors have already started to fund it.

When it comes to me I found myself being distracted a lot while working, studying more than usual (I started to fail subjects on boards as well). I get influenced by movies a lot so I came up with NZT medicine used in “Limitless” movie by actor Bradley Cooper to enhance the brain performance. Did hella a lot of research if it’s real. 😎

So, I came with my psychiatrist brother and prescribed me to use “Nootropics” so-called “Smart Drug”. Trust me I’m not influencing people to use it but I found out a lot of university students, devs from Silicon Valley do use Nootropics to enhance their regular brain performance and get works done more.

I won’t reveal the name of the Drug I’m using but it really worked for me despite its side effects. I felt more productive and keen to learn more stuff. I found the jobs were done that would usually take me weeks but I did it in days. I got more streaks on GitHub than before. Project Playpoint is going really well and our insider products from “The Boring School” are going well. As per the micro-dosing of “Smart Drug”, it usually gives the effect for 10–15 hours and at the interval, I remember I was way more focused and fewer distractions were there. I could even peacefully work in a loud environment as well. And I’m prescribed to use it for 4 months regularly and then I’ll have the same effect with or without the nootropics. 😇

In short, it does not work for everyone as you may have allergies to its chemical and will only get side effects than its original work. But, it really worked for me.

Note: Since we have just an online presence product to date but TBS is planning to be legally, physically present so we’re forming a group of founders, investors, dev teams. You can reach out to TBS through the mail, DM’s on Facebook, or you can directly ping me on social media. We have already worked on legal papers agreement between founders, investors, What you need to do is just join us if you’re really into us.🥂

Our blogs were inactive for a few days due to the formation of legal papers work and all. Thanks for the patience. 🥳



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The Boring School

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